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Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James allegedly cheated on pregnant wife

Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, has been chastised by his wife Bonnie Rotten, who accused him of showing interest in other women in a series of social media posts.

Rotten, real name Alaina Hicks, wrote in a flurry of since-deleted Instagram Story posts that she learned of his alleged behavior after she and former Monster Garage host James “got into it” and she left their home.

“I’m 10 weeks pregnant,” the 29-year-old wrote in one post, which celebrity news site The Blast obtained a screenshot of. “I had to leave the house because the other night we got into it.” “He blocked me everywhere.” I’ve seen his page. He’s stalking his ex and a slew of other women. I’m his pregnant wife, and he chooses to behave this way. THAT ISN’T A MAN.”

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“Would you like to ruin my life?” Rotten elaborated in a subsequent post. “Do you want to isolate me from everything and everyone?” Leave nothing for me. We’ll see.”

“Yeah, Jesse is busy f***ing other women while I’m pregnant,” she continued, adding, “I’m so hurt by everything he’s done to me.” He doesn’t care about anyone but himself; he’s a truly repulsive human being.”

Rotten explained why she posted the video on social media, saying that “the only way [James] will feel anything is if everyone knows what he truly is.”

Rotten continued, appearing to allude to allegations of infidelity in James’ previous relationships: “Everyone is free to mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock, mock Nothing will make me feel worse than the way I am right now. I should have known better, you’re fine.”
Rotten and James, both 53, married in a backyard ceremony in Texas in June, just three months after they announced their engagement. It was Rotten’s second marriage and West Coast Choppers founder James’ fifth.

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Rotten went on to say that she doesn’t want “anything to do with” James after deleting the posts from her Instagram account. “I appreciate all of the messages,” she wrote to her Instagram followers. “I removed the post because I no longer want to see it or have anything to do with him. It’s dragged me down a deeper hole, and all I can do now is try to be as positive as possible.”