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Russian killer who raped and tortured ex before stabbing her 111 times freed

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 Vladimir Putin has officially exempted a Russian killer, Vladislav Kanyus, from prison time despite his heinous crime of raping and stabbing his ex-girlfriend 111 times.

Kanyus, 27, received a pardon after fighting against Ukraine as part of Russia’s war efforts.

The victim, Vera Pekhteleva, 23, was brutally tortured and murdered by Kanyus after she decided to end their relationship.

The killer served only six months in prison before being released and had his criminal record for rape and murder expunged.

Oksana voiced her disapproval of Putin’s pardon of the vile murderer, questioning how a brutal killer could be armed and then dispatched to fight for Russia.

“He is scum and not a human being.”

“He is not a changed man and his only purpose was to crawl back to freedom,” she added, criticizing Putin’s choice.

Now that he’s done it, what will he do next?

“He will rip apart people and rape women again.”

Human rights advocate Alyona Popova claims that the case turned into a major controversy in Russia very soon and was called in court a “especially cruel murder with sick sadism”.

The decision has sparked outrage, with the victim’s mother expressing disbelief and condemning Putin’s actions.

Human rights campaigners are calling for awareness and justice, denouncing the lenient treatment of such heinous crimes.

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