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Rockstar set to release trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6

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Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be revealed this week by Rockstar Games, with a teaser debuting in December to commemorate the company’s 25 years of gaming development.
The upcoming game in the well-known open-world franchise is anticipated to include the first female protagonist in the series and take place in a fictitious Miami that is akin to GTA: Vice City.
This comes after Rockstar announced in February 2022 that they were working on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.
However, last year, a massive leak revealed 90 videos of GTA VI footage, including a female playable character robbing a restaurant.
The leaked gameplay was in an early and unfinished state.
The member of the Lapsus$ hacking group, Arion Kurtaj, carried out cyberattacks on Rockstar Games and released these leaked videos after threatening the developer.
If Rockstar is ready to provide more details about Grand Theft Auto VI, it might also announce a release timeline for the game, with expectations of a 2024 launch.

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