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Review: Sarkodie’s “Kanta” (M.anifest diss)

M.anifest and Sarkodie

First of all, let me address this issue before we proceed. I
heard some of you saying Sarkodie didn’t do original song. Please in rap game,
it is legal. In fact, someone replying your diss with a cover song is a whole
diss on its own. It’s like the rapper doesn’t even want to waste him cash on fresh
production but finds a better way to diss you. The worse diss is even a
freestyle with good punchlines. That is disrespect at the highest level. (I
stand to be corrected.)

Now let’s move to the main business.
It’s interesting how everyone has neglected the most
important part of the diss song – I am talking about the firs political verse.
Seriously, Sarkodie was hitting the nail’s head hard and you were all taking of
If you listened carefully, you would realise that Sarkodie
divulged something about the NDC in the first verse but later said he loves
Mahama. Do you know why? He was hitting hard at M.anifest for enjoying
political privileges – as the son of Tsatsu Tsikata who belongs to the NDC. The
line also re-emphasised how those privileges affected the common citizens. That
is, the rich politician and his family enjoys while the common citizens suffer.
So that’s why he said “Sesei a deɛ cash no a locki…Na
companies akɛseɛ koraa mpo ɔmo a-chock-e…The industry, is falling…Company biaa
eyɛ overhauling…Shatta paa first na balling…But sesei a ɔhu bottles koraa na
dodging.”He added that “Me pɛ legitimate, no kuluulu”
– meaning, he made his
wealth and success through legitimate means not through politics. And he prayed
that the NDC should lose in the November polls saying “Sesei a November election…I
hope sɛ the people go teach you a lesson
”. He said this because if the NDC is
booted out, Tsatsu including his son M.anifest would be directed affected financially.
But he (Sark) loves Mahama as a president so he said “I got love for Mahama”
not his party, Tsatsu and M.anifest. The mentioning of Nana Addo’s name was
just to clear his political affiliation – meaning he belongs to no party, he
loves everyone.
Then he switched to face M.anifest’s brand which is a direct
response to M.anifest’s line “Tell the fashion police they can make an
arrest. These boys copying the west looking a mess”
in #godMC. Sark replied
saying “Me no me swag yɛ dapper…Obi bɛ diss-e me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma
pam kaba”
and added in the freestyle verse (3rd verse) that “Swag na wonni oo
nnyɛ sɛ ebia you no wan shadda..Dope rapper bɛn na ɛde Woodin pam kaba?”
. I see
a lot of people saying that Sark’s punch was weak but I bet to differ. Why? You
remember he called him a “b!tch”? Well, according to Urban dictionary, the
second definition of a b!tch is “an exceedingly whipped guy who
does/wears/thinks/says whatever his girlfriend tells him to”
. So if you let your
girlfriend or wife dress you, she will one day give you her KABA to wear.
(Please don’t laugh). Thus, Sarkodie got a perfect response for him. It might
seem disrespectful to look down on African prints as an Africa, but hey, this
is rap. It has no respect for anything.
Another good punch was when Sark said “Smart move, ɔbɛ diss-e
Obidi de a-promote-i album”
. You know M.anifest did the diss track to announce
his #NoWhereCool album? Sark busted him sharp – and that was a smart one.
Also, he got it right with “I gave you the highest retweets”
punch. If you have been following Sark all the time, you will realise that it’s
not on M.anifest who has been benefiting from his social media hype. I think
Sark and Obrafour have been doing good to their colleagues.
His timing, choice of words, voice control (though he sounds
exhausted), speed balance and arrangement were on point but I have a few issues
with some portions of “Kanta”.
I think he bragged too much and somehow lost his focus (or
probably short of punchlines) especially where he said “Jay-Z a ya mix-e with
, “I know you dey aim for my spot but you think my position be cheap”,
“Joo na sɛ beef na wopɛ a, get your numbers up nyɛ sa a mɛ serve-e wo fish”, “Sesei
a madane philanthropist…Giving you hype for free”
, “Obidi mebɔ wo din a kyerɛ sɛ
wobɛ kɔ Heaven”
and other self-appraisal lines. I felt he was getting too personal which affected
his creative thinking. Brag is legal in rap game but not too necessary in rap
Also Sarkodie failed for claiming he raps for the world
while M.anifest raps for his friends. Sorry to say, Sarkodie lied. In Ghana,
there’s only two or three artistes who rap for the world and they are M.anifest
and Fokn Bois. These artistes headline significant international shows or
festivals organised by reputable event organisers. I only see Sarkodie organise
his shows for Ghanaian communities (expatriates) outside Ghana but not whites.
Sarkodie also contradicted himself on “Kanta”. One time he
admitted that M.anifest has punchlines saying “Oh! punch deɛ ɔ-punch-e” then in
the end said “Nyɛ sɛ wo te rap, you are riding on a hype”. He got confused
And oh, I haven’t forgotten his “Pro Bono”. I think he needs
a little help in writing verses in English. How can you say “See, I’ll help you
for free”
and come back to say “but ɛfiri nnɛ korɔ no we [will] be working pro
 Wrong punchline. LOL


Over-all, Sark dissed well and I will rate his song “GOOD”
but not “BETTER” than M.anifest’s “god MC”.
No “kantata” cutlasses allowed here. #Ghanafuo
David Mawuli
David Mawulihttps://ghanafuo.com/author/mawulid/
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