Review of Egboame by Edem. He predicts the future of Ghana

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Edem egboame remix ft medikal tee phlow cabum ghbestpromo

Edem has been on a roll from his days with the last two. Redefining rap and propping up upcoming artiste (Sarkodie had his first music video feature from Edem). This makes Edem not just a musician, but a tree from which talent is raised towards the sun.

Last week alone, he dropped 3 songs in one week; he showed off his creativity, versatility and one one of the songs he predicted the future of Ghanaian rap by featuring a bevy of rappers.

The song which was released on Wednesday, is a remix of a song he released on Monday and it was quickly followed with another song a few days later. This shows that Edem has been at work and isn’t leaving anything to chance.

On the “Egboame RMX”, Edem took the opening verse, symbolically opening the door to the mainstream with 4bars of rap and passing the mantle on to the next generation.


On this track, Edem again proves to be a selfless patriot, not only paying lip service to the support of young act, but putting in the work. On the track produced by Magnom, Edem failed to reserve the last verse (which is symbolically reserved for the best or biggest rapper) for himself, instead he interjects the verses with the chorus.

The featured artiste brought on their specialties; Gemini brought in his Tongue-twist style, while Medikal brought on his punchline saturated flow. Tee Phlow brought his fante flow laced with style, while Bebelino kept calm and spat witty rhymes. Ayat represented for the Hausa-speaking audiences, as he proved that language isn’t a barrier to quality, while Mac M mixed the English and pidgin languages to make lyric Kente. Darko came in with aggression, almost like a metaphor to the current hustle of underground hip-hop acts, while Cabum repped for Kumasi and he made them proud.

The fact that Edem reserved the last verse for Cabum has got some of my Kumasi folks happy, as in recent times, Kumasi rappers have complained about being by marginalized in the scheme of things. It was almost as if Edem placed Kumasi on the last verse to announce that she’s contributed a big quota to Ghanaian music and rap.

Edem seems to have outdoored the future of Ghanaian rap on this song, just like he outdoored Sarkodie and this is another legacy of his that’d live on.

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