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Ren Urano career earnings, salary and net worth

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Lokar in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was voiced by Ren Urano, who also played Dai-Satan in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. Additionally, he has appeared in a few Hollywood productions, such as Ocean’s Thirteen.

Ren Urano Character In Power Rangers:

Urano is Rita’s ethereal, floating, demonic partner whom she asked for assistance in order to assault the Rangers. The role was done by Masahiko Urano (uncredited), while Robert Axelrod provided the voice.

In spite of his normally graceful movements, Zack struggles greatly with self-doubt before an upcoming dancing competition. The six Rangers will be dispatched to Rita’s own transdimensional island, the location of one’s worst nightmares.

Rita is motivated to do this action. She summons the wicked Mutitis monster, which resembles a zombie, and the celestial entity Lokar. Even after Mutitis changes into a Chinese dragon, the Rangers will be imprisoned on an island if the Megazord is unable to defeat them.

How much does Ren Urano make a year?

Ren Urano’s yearly earnings are unclear. This section will be updated as we learn more about his finances.

What is Ren Urano’s net worth?

Ren Urano’s net worth is unknown at the moment. Keep an eye on this for more updates.


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