Rapper AJ Nelson announces first joint project with O’hene Savant

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Ghanaian musician AJ Nelson has announced a collaborative project with Ghanaian-American rapper and record producer O’hene Savant. He promises the project will have a ‘sublime influence of African sounds and rhythms.’

The project, an EP, is titled ‘Pan-African,’ and even though the concept is clear from the title, AJ Nelson says he wouldn’t want to give it away because the project is still in progress.

“I don’t want to give away the concept of the ep just yet because we are still on it,” he told in an interview on Wednesday, April 19. “…but I can confidently tell you that this project will have a sublime influence of African sounds and rhythms.

According to AJ Nelson, he couldn’t look elsewhere for a project partner when he started the project because he and O’hene Savant have had past successes and believe in each other. He said he couldn’t compromise sound – one of his many brand identities.

Ohene Savant and AJ Nelson
Ohene Savant and AJ Nelson

“We believe working together on one project will help us reach more people looking at the success of our past works,” he said. “And the most important thing is that we believe in each other, and the message is as important as our sound. There will be no limitations in regards to creating.”

On the upcoming EP, AJ Nelson tests his sound engineering skills. The EP will be co-produced by him and O’hene Savant. In fact, Ohene will handle 70 percent of the production while AJ does the rest.

The EP will also feature ‘great musicians,’ according to AJ Nelson. “We are going to have great musicians and emcees on the EP. We will let their names out once the EP is ready; expect some startles.”

‘Pan-African’ EP will be ready by November this year.

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