Rapha announces 10th anniversary of Women’s 100 with a new collection

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The 10th edition of Women’s 100 aims to have 100,000 taking part, Rapha has recently unveiled the date for its latest Women’s 100 events, the now annual tradition which comprises a global challenge for women to cycle 100km on the same day.

This year’s event will land on Sunday 18th September, and 2022 will be its 10th anniversary. To mark this occasion, Rapha has set itself a target of 100,000 women across the world to come together and share the road.

As per usual, Rapha is marking the event with a capsule collection, this year in collaboration with Yorkshire artist Ellen Paige Leach.

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The Women’s 100 is an annual celebration of all aspects of women’s cycling and will do so by challenging women worldwide to ride 100km however they want to. One of the aims of the event is to celebrate the ‘everyday trailblazers’ of cycling, and it’s this aim that led to Rapha working with the Steezy Collection, an inclusive cycling collective based in the UK for the event in 2021. Breaking new ground on the bike isn’t only reserved for the professional athlete, read the Rapha website. Every rider who sets themselves a new goal or pushes themselves to try something different is blazing a trail. Whether it’s cycling to the office or across a continent, joining a group ride, or leading one, every act of bravery on the bike, big or small, is worthy of celebrating.

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This year’s collection features the bright colors of Ellen Paige Leach in two colorways, inspired by the Yorkshire coastline, and comprising a wind jacket, women’s gravel jersey, women’s jersey, and high-waisted shorts, socks, a cap, a cropped technical T-shirt and a bar bag.

Virtual community rides will also be taking place on Sunday 18th September alongside the real-world event for those who can’t or would prefer not to ride outdoors.

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