Randal Reeder parents: Rusty Reeder, Glenda Reede

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Randal Reeder parents: Rusty Reeder, Glenda Reede

Rusty Reeder and his wife Glenda Reede are the beautiful couples who gave birth to actor and director, Randal Reeder. He was born to the couple in the Houston Texas area. At 18 years old Randal began training as a pro wrestler and before the age of 20 was on ESPN’s Global Wrestling Federation TV worldwide, daily.

In this article, we will learn more about the beautiful couple as we dive into their personal lives for information. Continue reading to know more about them, especially their married life, children, and other interesting facts about them.

Randal Reeder parents: Rusty Reeder, Glenda Reede

Rusty Reeder and Glenda Reede are celebrity parents who happen to be the parents of American actor and wrestler, Randal Reeder. The two welcomed him on November 27, 1971. It is said that the two have been together for more than two decades and they are parents of two sons – Randal and his brother who has been identified as Richard Reeder, who is also an actor.

Rusty is a plumber/entrepreneur while his wife Glenda is a housewife and horse lover. There is little information about their personal life since they have decided to live a private life regardless of their status.


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