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Ralph Yarl: $1.2m raised for teenager shot twice after ringing wrong doorbell

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More than $1.2 million has been raised for a Kansas City teenager who was shot twice after ringing the wrong doorbell to fetch his siblings.

Ralph Pual Yarl, a 16-year-old ‘music genius’ and ‘scholar’ with many dreams, nearly lost his life after going to the wrong doorbell of a neighbor in search of his twin brothers. The incident happened on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

According to Ralph’s family, the incident happened while the teenager was on his way to pick up his twin younger brothers from their friend’s house, which was a few blocks away from his house.

His family said he erroneously ended up at the wrong house, which is just a block away from the house where his siblings were located.

They said the homeowner ‘looked him in the eye’ and shot his head after he rang the doorbell. That wasn’t all. The homeowner further shot Ralph for the second time after he fell down.

Ralph, who is currently alive and receiving treatment at the hospital, has received overwhelming love from people around the globe. A GoFundMe account set up for him with a goal of $2 million has already reached about 60 percent goal within 22 hours.

The account which was created by his family said the funds will be used for his “medical bills and therapy.”

“Any additional funds will be used for college expenses at Texas A&M, a trip to West Africa, and other expenses,” the statement added.

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