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Princess Shyngle shows off her d*ldo, says it satisfies her more than all the guys she has dated

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Ghana-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has decided to let all those who have been wondering how she has been keeping her s*xual urges under control, her s*x toy which has been doing the job.

She showed off the dildo she has been using to satisfy herself as a single woman and according to her, it does a better job satisfying her more than almost all the guys she has dated.

“Some of yall wonder how I’ve been single for a year well that’s the secret yall my sexy d*ldo. It satisfies me more than 99.9% of all guys I’ve ever dated”, the tinny waist actress wrote.

We know most ladies use dildos to do their things but do it really give you all the sexual satisfaction than a guy will? (Ladies tell us) But if 99.9% of guys you’ve dated couldn’t satisfy you like you do to yourself with a dildo then you should be the one with the problem – or are they sexually weak old men? How many guys has she dated by the way? We have questions.

Anyway see the post below and tell us what you think.

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