President snubs Creative Arts sector during media encounter; clearly it’s not his biggest headache

Nana Akufo-Addo

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo snubbed the Creative Arts Sector for the second time during his second “Encounter With The Media” since he took over the realms of government as the President of the country.

The President met some selected “Senior” Journalists today at the Flagstaff House where he was grilled on happenings in the various sectors of the economy.

Although two Journalists, Arnold Asamoah and Francis Doku were selected to represent and quiz the President on the Creative Arts Sector and what his government is doing to ensure that the industry that rakes in huge revenue for the government is given the needed attention.

However, the two Journalists were not given an opportunity to ask any question on the day. The President in his address also failed to touch on happenings in the Creative Arts sector; an indication that it is not “one of his headaches” at the moment or he may have forgotten that the industry exists.

This becomes the second time the industry has been snubbed by the President since he took over the governance of the country.

In his first encounter, no Journalist was invited and that sparked several debates which forced the government to invite two Creative Arts Journalist who were not given the opportunity to ask questions they had prepared to ask the President.

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