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Police destroy ‘wee ghettos’ in Bibiani to combat crime

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According to our findings, the Bibiani Police, led by Superintendent Seth Sewornu, have demolished several ‘wee ghettos’ in the Bibiani municipality of the Western North Region as part of their efforts to combat the increasing criminal activities in the area.

The Bibiani area has been identified as one of the hideouts for criminals who are significantly contributing to the rising criminal records of the area.

Consequently, the police have taken a keen interest in the activities of those involved in the escalating crime in the region.

To achieve their goal of eradicating criminal activities in the community, the police have targeted some ‘wee ghettos.’ These structures, which are makeshift houses or shacks, have been used as hideouts for criminals and for illegal drug activities.

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As a result, the police have burnt several ‘wee ghettos’ located in Old Town, Attakrom, and Nantwikumye, all in the Bibiani community of the Bibiani Anhweaso-Bekwai municipality in the Western North Region.

The police operation is expected to continue until all ‘wee ghettos’ are demolished in the municipality. However, no arrests were made during the operation.

Per some reliable sources, some residents in Bibiani have actually commended the police for their efforts to combat crime in the area. They appealed to the police to continue the destruction of these wee ghettos  to make Bibiani a better and safer living place.

It is quite laudable the Bibiani Police are taking proactive measures to address the increasing criminal activities in the region.

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