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Photos: 10 adorable wedding photos of Jot Photography that will make your Instagram experience better

Jot Photography
Jot Photography

I was once going through rapper AJ Nelson’s Instgram photos where I saw one of his photos credited to Jot Photography.
In fact, I liked that picture and so I decided to click Jot’s handle to see some of his great works.
And guess what? When I clicked on his handle, I drifted into a paradise of magical and adorable wedding photos.
Since Ghanafuo.com don’t give a f*** about what politicians or celebrities are saying but the great works of the common Ghanaian people who are making great difference on social media, we decided to select 10 adorable wedding photos that will make your Instagram experience a better one.
Scroll down to see Jot Photography’s extraordinary works;

1.Baby, I promise never to hurt you. Will you marry me?

2. Hey guys, I will be the next soon!

3. Husby, you like cracking jokes everywhere even on our wedding day. Oh please!

4.Traditional is everything we’ve got. Ain’t we adorable?

5. Lola and David are so cute. Traditional wedding on a different level!

6.Let’s get on the dance floor baby. Today is our day!!!

7.Hey baby, let’s hide under the veil so that nobody will see us.

8.We are almost there baby. Holl’up!

9.Here we are guys! Let’s proceed.

10.Finally, bless our marriage, Pastor!

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