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Philippines man takes wife’s face cushion on holiday & set Couple Goals on internet

Philippines man with his wifes face pillow
Philippines man with his wife’s face pillow

Philippines man has become viral on social media platforms after he shared the pictures with his wife’s meme-face pillow from his latest

Philippines man has set massive ‘couple goals’ as he came up with an interesting idea when his wife had to back out from the vacation they had planned together. In order to feel her presence throughout the trip. Reportedly Raymond Fortunado had long planned a vacation to Coron in Palawan, the Philippines. However, at the last minute, his wife Joanne Fortunado had to cancel the plans. According to the news portal Kami, Joanne who works as a freelance model had to cancel her plans at the last moment.

Interestingly, Raymond went ahead with the trip and also made sure his wife was with him. He took with him a pillow with her face! Yes, you read it right. Raymond posted several photos and videos with his wife’s meme-face pillow featuring in them.

He shared photos of himself snorkeling with the pillow. One picture even showed him getting the pillow’s temperature following COVID protocols.

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