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People need to be shot over state of the economy – Reggie Rockstone

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Reggie Rockstone, a hip-hop star, has urged for a dramatic approach to dealing with the present economic condition in Ghana and throughout Africa.

According to him, Africa is today experiencing severe imperialism and neocolonialism.

“Maybe the worst ever, and it’s not just Ghana, it’s Africa; it’s f*cked up, pardon my language. I mean, with the exception of my brother and his red beret, you know who is causing trouble in France. If we all paid attention to those little boys, we could make different decisions.

“You may think this is too dramatic, but do you realize how many people are killed by poverty? And you’ve got people out here living the life; they’re living lavishly. Listen, when someone dies because they cannot afford hospital treatment, that is murder.

“So, you are killing people. So, certainly, I could easily say I want to see you shot on the beach… It may sound harsh at first, but give it some thought. “I’m not feeling Ghana right now,” he explained.

He observed that, despite the gravity of the current situation, music and amusement distract the masses, who are also readily persuaded by sensational problems rather than paying attention to issues that are important.

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