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People are disappointed with Delay’s ‘Cocoa Brown’ series. Find out what they are saying

New TV series, ‘Cocoa Brown‘, which is produced by radio and TV personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, started airing on TV three weeks ago and it has since received backlash from fans.

Unlike her ‘Afia Schwarzenneger’ series which started with a big bang, this one however seems to be disappointing. Because it was massively hyped, it got fans expecting something much more exciting but only three episodes have been aired and people are already disappointed.

There have been complains about the cast – especially about Ahuofe Patri of ‘Boys Kasa’ fame, who is said to be as boring to watch as watching a tortoise walk.

Check out some of the complains and backlash below.

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IMG 20160718 150201

IMG 20160718 150217
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