Pastor David Wilson video

Pastor David Wilson video
Pastor David Wilson video

‘Holier than thou’ is the best catchphrase to describe the current generation. Why? Because most of them are judgemental. Millennials are always ready to criticise men of God for any little blunder.

In the past few years, many pastors who have been involved in scandalous acts or have fallen from grace have come under heavy criticisms. Some even give up their pastoral role after serious objections from the public on their mistakes.

This is the case of one pastor known as Pastor David Wilson.

In October 2019, the American preacher took over the internet, especially Twitter, after his bedroom tape leaked.

In the 53 second video, Pastor David Wilson gives an alleged female church member h**d.

Who is Pastor David Wilson?

Mr Wilson is the Head Pastor of the BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc. He is a preacher from Texas, a state in the South Central region of the United States. Also, he has been a pastor for 40 years.

Who is the lady in Pastor David Wilson video?

The lady is allegedly a member of BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc. According to multiple reports, she has been dating the pastor for months until their scandal.

Is Pastor David Wilson married?

Not clear. According to sources, Pastor Wilson is married. But as you know some men, one ‘source of pleasure’ isn’t enough. He is not practising what he preaches.

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What did he say after the leaked video?

The viral pastor was bold enough to fire back at critics in a 57 seconds video he shared on social media.

“First of all, f**k you,” he boldly stated in the video. “Second of all, you have an issue with me being on a picture with a beautiful black woman?”

He continued: “Let me set the record straight; I am a pastor, first of all, that feeds the hungry. A pastor that has boys and girls and a woman’s smattering programmes. I teach empowerment on a daily basis.”

The preacher admitted to liking women, adding that no one has the right to criticise him if they don’t do what he does in his community.

 Yes, I’m a pastor that likes p****. I’m a real man. I’m real about who I am. I remember that God made women for the man. So, you have fallen fake a** folks. When you do the things that I do in my community, then you’ve got something to say. Other than that, f**k you.

Pastor David Wilson video

Due to the nature of the video and its controversies, the video has garnered millions of views on Twitter. Many have jumped on it, passing funny comments about how good Pastor David Wilson is and their views about pastoral work. Even though the video isn’t amusing, many mischievous men on social media have praised his ‘mouthing skills’.

If you are above 18 years, you can click this HERE if you want to watch Pastor David Wilson video. (Note: The link leads you to Twitter).

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