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Only stingy men like natural beauty – TikTok claims (VIDEO)

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In a recent video, one TikToker known as Gabbyshades posted a video telling women that men pretend to claim to like women who are naturally beautiful.

He said it is a lie for the fact that once the woman goes to plait, there the guy will start to compliment her.

He said it’s a lie and for that matter, our ladies shouldn’t believe in guys who claim they love but love natural beauty. Gabbyshades also said it is stingy guys who claim to like natural beauty.

Gabby also recommends gentlemen get wigs for their girlfriends to make them appear beautiful rather than going about thinking they should date natural beauty girls.

He received a lot of positive responses from the females. They backed him up since he was so much on their side. Some females even went so far as to say they adore him.

The males didn’t have many responses. Only a few people said that Gabby is amusing.

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