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NYPD cop lap dance video: Watch Vera Mekuli give her boss a lap dance

Vera Mekuli
Vera Mekuli

Per a video on NY Post, a NYPD rookie has been caught doing a racy lap dance on her commander at a holiday party in Bronz. 

26-year-old Vera Mekuli joined the police only in February has been captured in this scandalous video. She was filmed dancing aggressively on top of Lt. Nick McGarry who is a 44th Precint on Thursday at the Yonkers bar.

Mekuli served as a real estate broker before joining the NYPD, per the Daily Mail.

She described herself as a “very driven and determined individual” on her now-deleted LinkedIn page.

Other statements found on her LinkedIn page include;

“I have a habit of going for what I want and not stopping until I achieve it.” If I’m going to fail. “I get back up and try again,” her LinkedIn bio stated.

“Success does not occur in the absence of failure.” I realised at a young age that success/wealth/opportunities aren’t just handed to you.

Click HERE to watch full video.

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