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Nkwanta traders lament their poor business as a result of curfew

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In the Nkwanta Municipality, traders and business owners are concerned that the curfew in place is causing a decline in commercial activity, which in turn is causing a decline in the amount of money that people are spending on goods and services.

This comes after disputes over the execution of ceremonial ceremonies associated with the Akyodes’ yearly yam celebration in 2023 escalated into hostilities between the Adele, Challa, and Akyode tribes.

Several people were forced to evacuate the region as a result of the disaster, which also caused property damage, injuries, and fatalities.

Consequently, a curfew was enforced by Interior Minister Ambrose Dery, limiting access to the Nkwanta township between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m. Additionally, Mr. Dery clarified that those who disobey the order will face legal action.

Nevertheless, based on information compiled by Citi News, some merchants and company owners have observed that clients are reluctant to leave the house because of a persistent fear of running into the curfew.

These vendors request that the Interior Minister reconsider the curfew’s effects on vendors and maybe modify its conditions to better suit their companies, even in light of the municipality’s continuous unrest.

Speaking to Citi News, a trader lamented, “Today is Monday here in Nkwanta and a market day here, but I can tell you that we are counting low sales. I am a trader myself and it’s been very bad. We are just waiting and praying that the curfew is lifted so that many more people can come to town, and then we can resume our duties and normal days.”

“It has been very, very bad because even if we come to town, open our shops, we have to close by 4 pm, and you know by 4 pm, people should be buying or those who did not have money to buy in the morning can start buying. In Nkwanta, most people come from the villages to buy and purchase our goods but because of the curfew and the problems that we encountered a few months ago, people are refusing to come to town so it is a headache, we are not finding it easy at all.”

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