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Nigerian man arrested for impregnating a whole family in the UK

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News reaching us at suggest a  Nigerian man leaving in the UK has been arrested following his sexual escapades.

At the moment the gentleman in question is accused of making three women pregnant: his wife, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law.

This unusual incident has gotten everyone talking and wondering how that could have happened.




The police were informed to start looking into this situation because his own family members were worried.  They noticed all three women were showing signs of being pregnant at the same time, and that made them suspicious so they sort for the police’s help.

The arrest has surprised the community and started a big debate about what is right and wrong in society, and about people taking responsibility for their actions.

People are also worried that there might have been some manipulation and abuse of power within the family.

This story has gotten a lot of attention media attention due to its’s unusual nature.  The Nigerian man is still in the grips of the police pending further investigation into the matter.


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