NDC to have an Asante man as running mate for the first time in Ghana’s Fourth Republic

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The Ashanti Region has become a focus of increased attention for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in recent times. Supporters are fervently pleading with H.E. John Dramani Mahama to consider choosing a running mate from this crucial region. The loud call is consistent with the idea that the NDC’s electoral standing could be considerably impacted by such a calculated move.

One perspective that is widely held by participants highlights the regional dynamics that are in operation. The NDC looks to be strategically positioning itself to gather important votes in the Ashanti Region, especially with northerner Vice President Dr. Bawumia presenting a competitive challenge in the party’s stronghold.

The reasoning behind this is evident: the NDC hopes to garner a sizable share of the votes in this significant region by selecting a running mate from the Ashanti Region.

The NDC has set an ambitious yet calculated goal: the party thinks it can greatly improve its chances of winning an election if it can secure just 30% of the vote in the Ashanti Region. This calculated move is motivated by the knowledge that voter attitudes can be influenced by regional representation. By closing this disparity, the NDC seeks to tip the odds in its favor.

Everyone is wondering who the likely Ashanti running mate nominee is from the area as the call for one gains traction. Although Dr. Kwabena Duffour has been widely recommended, there is now some suspense surrounding the decision-making process due to the appearance of other possible candidates.

Political observers and constituents have both mentioned Kwame Awua Darko and Dr. Samuel Sarpong as potential candidates. Each candidate offers a distinct set of skills and credentials, which complicates H.E. John Dramani Mahama’s decision. In addition to bearing the weight of regional representation, the final choice will be very important in determining the direction of the NDC’s electoral campaign.

As the party works through the selection process for its running mate, all eyes will be on the NDC in the upcoming weeks. The decision made will definitely affect the course of the next elections, and the political climate in the area is about to take an interesting turn as supporters unite behind the demand for an Ashanti running mate.