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Nana Asempa launches website for common broken relationships, dilemmas and solutions

Nana Asempa
Nana Asempa

There have been many cases of broken marriages and relationships, stories on deceits, inspirational stories, gossip stories, etc, and Nana Asempa is here to retell these stories on nanaasempa.com, a new website launched on the 11th of December, 2021.

The stories on this website are here to inspire, educate, empower, entertain and motivate the youth of today into shaping their spiritual, love and social lives.

What makes Nana Asempa unique, is how he adds a Cinematic feel to his content and therefore makes readers create pictures in their minds while reading the stories, making them feel as though they are watching a movie. Each story is cooked with a uniform mixture of humor, love, anxiety, anger and every other emotion one feels while watching a Marvel movie.

Nana Asempa Kuranchie is a writer, with the ability to weave ordinary words from little happenings into a life story

Asempa is a graphic designer by profession, with a degree in communication design, from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), and further mastering in computer science at Beijing University of Technology, with a speciality in Machine Learning.

He also doubles as a photographer, an animator, a digital creator and digital analyst. He currently works as the creative lead for the digital department at Mx24. He helped develop the Broken Pen series from inception to what it is now, and hosted the show over a period of three months.

Asempa developed his passion for telling stories somewhere in 2015, but developed his writing skills during the lockdown period in 2020. www.paakwesiforson.com was his go-to blog, who willingly employed him to write four compelling stories which did overwhelmingly well. His stories were also featured on www.universnewsroom.com and www.museafrica.com. He is talented with fusing fiction with actual happenings to create compelling and intriguing stories, that have caught the eyes of thousands of people.

Asempa is determined to be the greatest storyteller this country has ever seen.

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