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Musician jabs Manasseh Azure Awuni but Facebook taught him sense

Manasseh Azure Awuni

One of Ghana’s popular investigative journalists and reporter for Joy FM, Manasseh Azure Awuni, is currently in the news over an investigative work he recently did on President Mahama’s car gift saga.

Though a few people lambasted him for being one-sided in his investigative piece, majority have praised him for a job well done.

But what is currently trending on Facebook is a jab Colombia based Ghanaian artiste, MC Dementor, took at the journalist.

MC Dementor

According to MC, Manasseh ‘fabricated’ his investigative piece and that he should be suspended for five years.

Dementor wrote: “Sometimes I wonder why I lust so much for the peace Ghana has for my country but some Ghanaians don’t seem to want it. So u you fabricate lies about your president taking bribe and put it out to world and what do u achieve. Personally I think this journalist Manasseh should be suspended from journalism for 5 years.”

And this got many angry so they decided to teach him some lessons. Find below some of the smashing comments. Don’t forget to share yours with us.

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