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MUSIC REVIEW: Gallaxy comments on prevailing issues with commercially appealing sound

 Music Group, Gallaxy
has released a new single named Woti Ati. Woti Ati which literally translates “Your
Head Tear” is a commercially appetizing song which has the tendency of
dominating the airwaves across the country. 

In the song, the music
duo took the opportunity to comment on issues which were recently prevailing and also dominated
the media landscape in the past few weeks.  One issue they commented on was the money disbursed
to the music sector by the government in 2012. In the past few weeks, the Obour
led administration of MUSIGHA has come under attacks for what may be deemed to
be a failure on the part of MUSIGHA to utilize the said money for something
profitable for the industry. Gallaxy questioned why an apparently colossal
amount of GH¢ 1.6 million will be spent on research only as Obour, President of
MUSIGHA claimed.
1.6 million just for research?”,
they queried. 
The Ghana Music Rights
Organization, GHAMRO, was also not alienated from the subject matters Gallaxy
employed in the song. Gallaxy became the latest to join the elongating list of
artistes who have publicly demanded their royalties from GHAMRO. They conveyed their demand with
this line;
royalties, where dey our royalties? GHAMRO”
Further, the recently
implemented FREE SHS Programme by the
government was also a subject of Gallaxy’s comments as the following was
expressed in the song; 
SHS nanso computer no amma wo school choice”
Interestingly, Funny Face, who, some
weeks ago was in the news for purportedly lasting only two minutes in bed was
not spared as he was subtly trolled by Gallaxy on this record.
be funny papa wey you dey town dey claim guy guy. Oh shaa waa, 2 minutes deɜ
massa oh why. You be funny, you funny ………..”
The above highlighted
lines is a sample of the interesting lyrics that were laid on this street
banging record. The tune, produced by Shotto Blinks, bears an instrumental
which has the capacity to stimulate a vigorous dance style. It is therefore not
surprising that the song is already being accompanied by a dance which has seen
dozens of people horizontally setting their heads in motion.
This is obviously a
meal with the primary purpose of catering for the appetite of the masses.
Recently, Patapaa Amisty released the hit single, One Corner, which has impressively gone viral with its dance to the
extent of transcending the borders of Ghana. Will Woti Ati also achieve a similar
penetration or do better? Time will give us an appropriate answer.
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Editor at Ghanafuo.com

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