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MTN Hitmaker 7: Who got through? Who are the finalists?

MTN Hitmaker 7: Who got through? Who are the finalists?
MTN Hitmaker 7: Who got through? Who are the finalists?

The journey throughout the audition, boot camp, weekly coaching and live shows was to prepare them for this very day, where the final 4 will battle it out at the grand finale which will happen on Sunday, November 25, at the Conference Center and eventually crown the next Hitmaker.

For the past 6 weeks, the competition went through the various stages, the majority of the 12 contestants who entered into the competition proper were dropped along the line, either because of inadequate public votes or poor performance.

It seemed this year the competition did not favour the singers as week in, week out the singers kept dropping and leaving the rappers to run the show. First to get evicted were two RnB singers, Eva Maria and Jayson. Next to follow was another RnB singer, Acoustic. The Rnb singers were dealt with another blow as Gabby, was also sent packing.

In a rather dramatic final eviction, which happened on November 6 at the national theatre, saw 4 contestants being dropped out of the 8 remaining. Dancehall act, Kulcha and RnB singers, Ayeyi, Kay Jay and Elisante said their goodbyes on the show.

The grand finale will be taking place on Sunday, November 25, at the Accra International Conference Center with one act crowned the winner of the MTN Hitmaker series. But who has got through the semi-finals and who are this year’s finalists?

Amakye, tipped by the judges as the most surprising contestant. He started off as one of the weakest links amongst his competitors, he actually appeared in the bottom 3 up for evictions twice and twice he evaded eviction. The rapper, after coming close to being evicted twice, has been unstoppable by being one of the best contestants who has had some of the best performances on the show. He has defied all odds of being considered one of the weakest and has become one of the strongest in the competition. According to the rapper, his best is yet to come.

Having been a part a reality show, many were those of the belief that he would come into this competition with a complacent attitude.

Awal has, week in week out, laid all critics to rest, he showed Ghana that he was no longer that kid whom they know and that he was selected into this competition based on his rapping prowess, And boy has he impressed! Throughout the completion, he has shown an incredible display of talent and great showmanship to the admiration of many. Does he have more surprises up his sleeve for the grand finale? Your guess is as good as mine.

Erza Tamaa is one of the few contestants who started this competition guns blazing. She was the first to win the MTN Bright Moment and the only one to win it twice. Just like the winner of season 6, Freda Rhymz, she is the only female rapper in the bunch, and based on her weekly performances, she has paid her dues and definitely deserves to be in the final 4. Her bars are dope, her compositions good and her performances, most of the nights, electrifying. The entertainment industry is yet to witness another greatness with Erza Tamaa.

OV is the only singer left to contend with 3 rappers in the grand finale. She has some of the most memorable performances throughout the competition. In one of Francis Doku’s write-ups, he wrote ‘over the period of the MTN Hitmaker, the best female and one of the best contestants has been OV’. Her biggest strength is her engagement with the crowd when she is performing and her stagecraft. She has been consistent, she has been entertaining, she has been one of the best singers on the show. Indeed, she came, she saw, and she is a finalist!

The tension is starting to mount as the finalists prepare to take to the stage one last time in the hopes of winning over the nation and walks away with the GHc100.000 recording contract and holds the bragging right of being the winner of MTN Hitmaker, the 7th edition.

According to the season’s judges, Eazzy, Kaywa and Francis Doku they have been generally impressed by the overall performance throughout the competition and especially by the final 4 contestants and looked forward to a very exciting and entertaining grand finale.

Creating superstars has been the main purpose of MTN Hitmaker and indeed throughout the 6 seasons, it has lived up to expectations. Performing on the night are past contestants who have steadily grown to become show stoppers and taking the industry by storm; Naterial, Koo Ntakra, Togbe, Yaw Berk, Krymi, Drew, Freda Rhymz, Kurlsongs, KiDi and Kuami Eugene.

The show airs on Saturdays on TV3 at 8 pm, GHOne TV and TV Africa at 7:30 pm, Kessben tv at 4 pm and Tv3 at 8 pm. And on Sundays on 4syte TV at 5 pm, Joy Prime at 6:30 pm, UTV at 3 pm, Homebase Tv at 4 pm, Maxx TV at 8 pm, Oceans TV and TV XYZ at 6 pm.

MTN Hitmaker is proudly brought to you by MTN Ghana with support from 2nd Image Beauty Academy and produced by Charterhouse Productions.

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