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Modern Ghanaian rap contains no substance – Kafui Dey

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Ghanaian television personality Kafui Dey has stated that modern Ghanaian rap music contains no substance. It’s rather a battle of how much money they’ve made on who has more than the other.

The GTV presenter claimed in a tweet yesterday that some Ghanaian rap songs he’s been hearing on the radio and other platforms are mostly about wealth and nothing more.

According to Kafui Dey, the new crop of Ghanaian rappers focuses more on money when delivering verses than on impactful lyrics.

“Listening to some Ghanaian rap on radio and all the songs are about making money,” he tweeted, “how much money they have, how they will make money by all means, how they have money more than other people etc.”

“Every verse has ‘sika’ or ‘money’,” he concluded.

Many Twitter users agreed with his tweet, more prominently legendary producer Zapp Mallet.

Zapp, known for producing hit records in the late 90s, said the reason behind the whack lyricism in modern times is due to a lack of ‘deep thinkers’.

“They are not deep enough. Those are not lyricists,” Zapp contributed.

Do you also agree that there are not enough deep rappers on the modern rap scene in Ghana? Share your thoughts below.

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