Mixed reaction greets Sir Bobby Charlton’s funeral held in Accra

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A mixed reaction greeted the late Sir Bobby Charlton on social media after a memorial was held for the English football legend in Ghana.

On Monday (November 14), a final funeral rite was held for the English World Cup winner in Accra — an event organised by the Ghana National Supporters Union.

The ceremony was held by members of the association and fans of the legend. Ghanaian gospel music legend Nicholas Omane Acheampong performed at the funeral.

Even though this is not the first time such a ceremony has been held for a foreigner (as with George Floyd), many Ghanaians were quite unimpressed by the sympathetic gesture demonstrated by the Ghana National Supporters Union.

Some Ghanaians on social media blasted the organisers for wasting their time and resources on someone who had no links, whatsoever with Ghana.

Others claimed the action seems to be one of the reasons the government of Ghana doesn’t take its citizens seriously when it comes to national and economic hardships.

“Do they know him?” a Twitter (X) user asked, “my hometown people have a degree in funeral planning.”

“This is serious from what I’m seeing in that video. The man is a wh!te man, not a Ghanaian; why are they organizing a funeral for him in Accra Ghana? Well may his gentle soul rest in peace,” another Twitter user said.

“People put resources and time together to do this?? How will we be taken seriously by our leaders?” one user criticised.

Another user added: “If we have jobs available in abundance, I don’t believe we’ll have people with such free time on their hands wasting this precious productive time.”

Sir Bobby Charlton died on October 21, 2023, at Macclesfield District General Hospital after suffering from trauma in the lungs, a fall and dementia.

A funeral was held for him at Manchester Cathedral on Monday.

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