Midland pacify assault victim with house and hard cash to avoid lawsuit

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Midland Savings and Loans

Reports indicate that Midland Saving and Loans have handsomely compensated Patience Osafo, the victim of an assault that went viral a couple of weeks ago at their Shiashie branch, with a house and physical cash for her upkeep.

The company took the steps to compensate her as fast as they could to avoid a civil lawsuit that could have run them into millions of Ghana Cedis.

Her lawyer, Samson Larbi Anyenini disclosed this today after his client was contacted to accept the offer and not push the issue any further.

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Patience Osafo with family

He said: “We just closed a generous offer that removes her from the ‘kiosk’ to owning a brand new house, and from the streets hawking toffees to now owning multiple bank accounts

Ms Osafo it is said has been very grateful for the kindness shown by the general public and is still overwhelmed by the support still coming in.


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