Michel Cote top movies, TV shows and awards

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Michel Côté OC MSC was a Canadian actor who lived from June 25, 1950, until May 29, 2023. He is best known for his roles in the films Cruising Bar, Life After Love (La vie après l’amour), and C.R.A.Z.Y., as well as the stage production Broue and television series Omertà.

He did not set out to be an actor when he was born in Alma, Quebec, but began doing amateur theatrical parts as part of his university studies and then enrolled at the National Theatrical School of Canada.

Michel Cote top movies and TV shows

The Last of Us, The Knockout Theory, La Petite Vie, Bye Bye, Les pêcheurs, En audition avec Simon, En audition avec Simon, Omerta, Erreur sur la personne, Michel Côté and Romano Orzari in Omertà – Le dernier des hommes d’honneur (1999), Le dernier des hommes d’honneur, La loi du silence, Omerta, la loi du silence (1996), Omerta, la loi du silence, Erreur sur la personne

Michel Cote Awards and nominations

  • 2013 Winner Lifetime Achievement Jutra.
  • 2010 Nominee Jutra. Best Actor (Meilleur Acteur) Father and Guns.
  • 2009 Nominee Jutra. Best Actor (Meilleur Acteur) Cruising Bar 2.
  • 2006 Winner Jutra. Best Supporting Actor (Meilleur Acteur de Soutien) C.R.A.Z.Y.
  • 2005 Nominee Jutra. Best Actor (Meilleur Acteur)

Until 1977, Côté taught beginner acting and improvisation at the Option Theatre in Ste. Therese. He later cofounded Vogagements, a small theatre.

Côté began performing in the play Broue at the theatre in 1979; the performance was meant for children.

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