Michel Cote funeral, burial service, pictures, date, time, venue

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Michel Côté OC MSC was a Canadian actor who lived from June 25, 1950, until May 29, 2023.  He is best known for his roles in the films Cruising Bar, Life After Love (La vie après l’amour), and C.R.A.Z.Y., as well as the stage production Broue and television series Omertà.

He did not set out to be an actor when he was born in Alma, Quebec, but began doing amateur theatrical parts as part of his university studies and then enrolled at the National Theatrical School of Canada.

Michel Cote funeral, burial service, pictures, date, time, venue

The Canadian actor’s family is yet to decide on his funeral arrangements including his place of burial. We shall get you updated as long as we discover it.

Michel Côté was a well-known Canadian actor who excelled in both theatre and film.

His significant contributions to the entertainment industry throughout his career had a long-lasting impact on Canadian theatrical and cinema productions.

Beginning in 1977, Côté taught novice acting and improvisation at the Option Theatre in Ste. Therese, launching his acting career. As a result of his passion for the performing arts, he co-founded Vogagements, a small theatre ensemble.

Côté’s blooming acting career continued with a number of roles in well-known films. He played the lead character in the 2009 film “De père en flic,” which grossed $10.5 million in Quebec. He played pilot Robert Piché in “Piché: The Landing of a Man” the next year, and Roger Gendron in “A Sense of Humour” the year after that.

Côté co-founded the theatre ensemble “Broue” in 1979 with Marc Messier and Marcel Gauthier, in addition to his achievements as an actor. The group’s productions went on to achieve immense success, demonstrating Côté’s theatrical prowess and versatility.

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