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Michael Blackson blasts GRA and Ghana Ports over ridiculous clearing duty fees

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American comedian Michael Blackson, who was born in Ghana, recently went on a lengthy Twitter tirade about Ghana’s clearing customs payments.

The comedian said that the cost of importing goods into the nation was excessively high and he urged the Ghana Shippers Authority to take action. Blackson shared a personal story and talked about the outrageous sums of money he had to pay to get some items he had imported from the US to Ghana.

Michael Blackson tweets:

The comedian praised God for giving him a platform and pledged to fight for third-world inhabitants and free them from the constraints of bad government regulations.


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Blackson had many Ghanaians in agreement with his rant and promised to stand up for people in third-world nations.

The comedian said that the common Ghanaian was unfairly burdened by the expense of bringing items into the nation.

He talks about his experiences with Ghana Revenue Authority.

He was baffled as to why the Ghana Revenue Authority demanded $10,000 for a product he had paid $10,000 for.

Blackson argues that the method is illogical, particularly when charges can reach 100%.

Many Ghanaians expressed their complaints after being able to identify with Michael Blackson’s situation. The question is, who is charging these ridiculous charges at the Ghana Revenue? And who should be taken responsible for this daylight “pen robbery”?  Let’s know in the comment

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