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Men share wild sexcapades with ladies who acted like ‘whores’

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Some male Twitter users have shared some wild sexcapades they had with women who behaved like prostitutes (or whores) in the bedroom.

A Twitter user named ‘@dabiggbaee’ put out a question asking men to share the craziest fantasies or sexcapades they’ve had in the bedroom and immediately concluded that the women involved were ‘whores’.

She asked: “Question for the lads. What move did a girl do in bed that had you thinking, ‘damn, she might be a hoe’?”

As anticipated on modern Twitter, the answers (that are mostly shocking) flooded her replies and mentions.

“We f**ked until my dick got numb and flaccid. She then stuck a finger into my ass hole, and immediately my D got hard again,” Twitter user @Ndumlso disclosed.

User @TheRealDrePapi revealed: “She told me to grab my neck like this… Then proceeded to put one hand over my mouth & the other at my wrists & used me as a way to push herself up high af & slam on my d**k. I almost cried.”

User @stendewa said: “Throated, stared dead into my eyes, winked and started flexing the back of her tongue. I came so hard all ten of my toes cracked.”


User @Muchang_i said: “Babe gave me the wildest BDSM …burnt my back with candle wax and sh*t …then fixed both my 2 balls in her mouth. All I could think of is bitch, who taught u all this.”

User @lonwabo_mbuqwa disclosed: “Not sure about being a hoe but the first time a woman f**ked back during missionary? That was so crazy to me.”

User @jarwaale revealed: “She pushed me onto the couch, propped a throw pillow on the small of my back. I was now sort of lying straight and excited asf. Shawty went and ate my ass.”

Another user @Joey_MakG said: “I know I’m an amateur but She went extra hard & kept s*cking after I n*tted twice prior, had a n*gga like…”

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