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Meet Urban Gospel’s Latest Addition, Kofi Asante

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Kofi Asante

Ghana Gospel industry keeps growing and there has been several innovations and genres of a sort been introduced to create an appeal to the different generations and also make it attractive for talents who cannot follow the conventional way to exhibit their talents.

Gospel reggae, cools has been introduced in the past but a current addition to the tall list is the introduction of the Urban gospel. Urban gospel blends singing and rap to glorify the name of God.

This kind of Gospel music although now breaking grounds and being gradually accepted in churches has received massive endorsement from the youth and is believed to be the biggest thing to happen.

However, in the Northern part of Ghana, the pace of its growth seem stifled but one individual who is spearheading the growth of Urban gospel here is Minister Kofi Asante.

Starting off as a hiplife artiste who led a wayward life by using his talent to propagate the works of the devil, Minister Kofi Asante came into encounter with the holy spirit and has since invested his energy into telling the goodness of the Lord through music.

Unlike the conventional Gospel that the people of the North are mostly conversant with, Minister Kofi Asante tells his stories through rap music and his effort has resonated with the youth up North and is gradually warming himself into the hearts of the older generation.

To Minister Kofi Asante, times have changed and there is the need for man to use any means available to make known the glory of God to men, therefore, his drive to use Urban gospel as a tool to evangelise.

Minister Kofi Asante acknowledges the path he has decided to travel is a path less traveled but is hopeful that since he has agreed to carry the cross of the Almighty God, he will push through to fulfill his calling through Urban gospel.

Minister Kofi Asante has several singles such as ‘Life with Jesus’ which tells of the need to put God first with everything anyone does in Life, he has also been featured by legendary gospel musician, Hannah Marfo on the remix of her hit song ‘Dea wa y3 ama me’ which is currently enjoying massive airplay in most parts of Ghana.

In Northern Ghana, Minister Kofi Asante is hopeful to push the gospel through Urban gospel and is hopeful of going global with his brand and the word of God that will order the steps of man.

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