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Meek Mill visits President Akufo Addo

Meek Mill, an American rapper, is still having a great time in Ghana and posting updates on social media about it.

With the caption “With the president of Ghana appreciate meeting strong black leaders it gives me the motivation to be greater!” Meek Mills released images of his meeting with President Nana Akufo-Addo on Instagram.

sammykaymedia -“Rapper @meekmill and crew visited the President of Ghana 🇬🇭 @nakufoaddo”

The rapper has made a lot of news since his trip to Ghana, from riding with Ghanaian motorcycles across Accra to having his iPhone stolen and then returned to him.

He was also seen with another person in one of the pictures at the building’s main door. A picture of him with others who appear to be presidential staffers on the estate was also posted on Twitter.

He also shared a photo of himself and the president’s daughter, Gyamkroma Akuffo Addo, although it was obvious that this particular shot was taken elsewhere and at night.


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