Maurice P. Kerry children: Does Maurice P. Kerry have children?

Maurice P. Kerry is a popular African-American actor who is making waves in the entertainment industry. Kerry began his acting career like many others, in the background performing in 2006, before deciding to take his career more seriously.

Kerry landed featured roles in independent films such as ‘Deadly Dispatch’ and ‘Grobb’ while building a name as a rapper in San Diego California with the group SouthuNoyZ.

Though there is much to discuss on Kerry, let us find out if he has any children, from the paragraph below,

Maurice P. Kerry children: Does Maurice P. Kerry have children?

According to available records, Kerry has a daughter he loves and adores so much. He has a passion for physical and mental health fueled by always wanting to have the strength, spirit, and energy to be there for his daughter.

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Knowing Kerry further, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Out of 3 children born to father Adrianne D. Pless, and Donald S. Horton, Kerry is the oldest. His name means “Handsome and Dark”. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom II, a full-time single father, personal motivator, gamer, and acting coach.


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