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Maurice P. Kerry career earnings, salary and net worth

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Maurice P. Kerry was born in Atlanta, Georgia, as the oldest of three children. Adrianne D. Pless and Donald S. Horton are his parents. His name means “Dark and Handsome.” He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom II, a full-time single father, personal motivator, gamer, and acting coach.

After the Marines and more than a year of being homeless in southern California, Kerry, like many others, began his acting career in the background in 2006 before deciding to take his career more seriously. Kerry appeared in independent films such as ‘Deadly Dispatch’ and ‘Grobb,’ while also making a name for himself as a rapper in San Diego, California, with the group SouthuNoyZ. He is passionate about physical and mental health, which stems from his desire to always have the strength, spirit, and energy to be there for his daughter. Whether to play or to defend. A genuine protector’s spirit. Former US Marine EMT/Firefighter, Security Contractor in Kuwait, now full-time bully deterrent system, always needing to be strong enough to carry the family on his back and through fire if necessary.

How much does Maurice P. Kerry make a year?

Maurice’s salary per year is unknown

What is Maurice P. Kerry’s net worth?

Maurice Kerry’s net worth is not known. there is no information available about his net worth