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Man secretly lives in shopping mall for six months

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Security guards at a shopping mall in Shanghai found a man who had been living under a staircase for an astonishing six months.

The resourceful young man had created a cozy living space beneath the stairs, complete with a tent, table, computer, and even an ergonomic chair.

The man continued living under the stairs until another guard discovered his surprisingly organized setup on October 30, leading to his arrest.

Amazingly, he avoided most of the security personnel for a considerable amount of time, periodically going outside to use the charging stations in the mall.

When he explained to the lone security guard that he wanted a peaceful location to study for a test, the guard, who was initially catching him, gave him permission to stay.

Video footage of his makeshift home has garnered mixed reactions online, with some labeling him a “parasite” and others admiring his inventive rent-avoidance strategy.

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