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Man gets 85-year prison sentence for killing his mom’s boyfriend

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Cody Allen Wade, a 33-year-old Indiana man, has been sentenced to 85 years in prison after accidentally recording the murder of Carl Haviland in a voicemail.

Wade was found guilty last month of the 2020 killing of Haviland, during which he left a voicemail on his mother’s phone just seconds before stabbing Haviland four times.

Wade carried out the attack while his mother was present and even failed to hang up the phone, recording the murder in the voicemail.

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Wade then kicked and made fun of his victim after the attack. Wade committed the offense in front of his own mother and despite her attempts to physically stop him from doing so, the court observed in the sentence decision.

Wade had preplanned the murder, according to the prosecution. After leaving a barbecue, he went to another man’s house to warn him that he was ready to murder someone.

Wade had just two months earlier been released from prison and was at the time of the murder serving a sentence for arson.

Wade was given a sentence of 60 years for the murder as well as an extra 15 years for being a repeat offender.



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