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Man beaten to death over unaccounted ‘wee’ sales

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In a worrying development, a 30-year-old man, believed to be Kwadwo Afful, has lost his life after he was brutally beaten to death.

Per our findings, the main motive for this uncouth act was Kwadwo’s failure to provide an account of the money he earned from selling marijuana, commonly known as ‘wee,’ on behalf of his boss.

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Photo credit- (Ghanaweb)

The distressing incident occurred in Sehwi Ahibenso, located in the Bodi District of the Western North Region.

Kwadwo Afful was subjected to a gang assault until he succumbed to his injuries. Shockingly, the perpetrators callously left his lifeless body on the streets.

The grandfather of the deceased, Daniel Kwasi Tawiah, discovered the horrifying scene after noticing a crowd gathering on the street. Upon investigation, he was devastated to find his grandchild lying motionless on the ground.

Subsequently, the grieving grandfather reported the incident to the police in Bodi.

Law enforcement authorities promptly arrived at the scene, retrieved the deceased’s body, and transported it to the morgue at Juaboso Government Hospital for further examination.

At the moment, the suspects responsible for the fatal attack are still on the run with the police really on the lookout for them.

However, Oliver Ackah, the brother of the deceased, has vowed to pursue the matter relentlessly until all the perpetrators are apprehended and brought to justice.



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