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Man absconds after impregnating minor

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Following her claimed defilement by a man who has since vanished, a 14-year-old girl has given birth to a child as a teenager.

When the sixth-grade student went on vacation with her grandparents to Bibiani in the Western North Region, it is said that she was defiled under a bush in Jerusalem, a community in Bibiani, by a man named Kwaku Oduro and two of his buddies.

With a pledge to provide her ¢7,000 in compensation, Kwaku Oduro’s parents allegedly begged the victim’s parents to resolve the issue privately. The commitment made by the suspect’s parents was broken.

Kwaku Oduro did not take accountability when it was later discovered that the girl was pregnant. The six-month-old baby’s mother, a teenage girl who dropped out of school, is in desperate need of basic supplies for both herself and the infant.

Kwaku Oduro and his family have not expressed regret for the crime they perpetrated or interest in the child.

The adolescent mother implored Nhyira FM’s Obra program to assist in obtaining funding for her maintenance.

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