Lupita Nyong’o siblings: Who are Lupita Nyong’o siblings?

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o is a 39 years old Kenyan-Mexican actress. She is the recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award, and nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards and a Tony Award.

Who are Lupita Nyong’o siblings?

Nyong’o was born on March 1, 1983, in Mexico City, Mexico to her parents Anyang’ Nyong’o her father and Dorothy Nyong’o her mother. She is 39 years old. Nyong’o is not the only child of her parents, therefore she shares her parents with her 5 siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers namely;

Zawadi was born on September 23, 1980, and she is the eldest of six siblings. She studied at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Currently, Zawadi is the CEO of a PR digital media agency, 7th Sense Communications. Additionally, she is a social activist and the author of the book When I Dare to Be Powerful, telling the stories of five sex workers from Uganda and Kenya.

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Esperanza Nyong’o Mases, who is younger than her famed sister was born to the same parents. She works at Icon Sports Marketing in Tanzania and is a volunteer at Africa Cancer Foundation. In 2015, she got married to IT specialist Dadi Masesa and Lupita was one of her bridesmaids.

Fiona and Esperanza are twins and they also share the same parents.

Peter “Junior” Nyong’o born in 1994 share the same parents. He is more often referred to as Junior and is Lupita’s younger brother. He is an actor, musician, model and DJ, who is known for his unusual style (he loves wearing dresses). Junior calls his sister Lupiterella and Princess Luppy while the celebrity considers her brother to be magnetic, funny and supportive. They both seem to be very close and often share photos on social media. Moreover, they often appear together at various events, including the 2013 Oscar, where they were joined by their parents. There is also one more brother whose name we don’t know.

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