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  Lovers stir up controversy online with steamy Tokyo Metro make-out session

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In a trending video that has got everyone talking; two lovers are captured busily making out in broad daylight careless about anyone.


Interestingly, this incident happened on a moving train, and as such many users of social media have brutally criticized the act.

While others frowned on the couple engaging in intimate behavior in a public space, others supported the act with the view that Japan is currently experiencing low birthrates and that they needed more of this to bridge the gap.

Such actions can be considered inappropriate and disrespectful in many cultures, as public displays of affection are generally expected to be more reserved.

After all being said it’s important to remember that public spaces should be respected, and the comfort and boundaries of others should be considered.

Authorities or staff within the Tokyo Metro system are currently on the matter and we at would give updates in due time.

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