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Listening to gossips will slow you down – MzVee advises

MzVee MzVee

Afro-dancehall songstress and Lynx Entertainment label signee MzVee has advised her fans to put behind ‘gossips’ and focus on what’s ahead.

She made this known through her Instagram page on Monday, July 15, 2019.

According to the “Natural Girl” hitmaker, paying attention to what people say behind you will only “slow you down” – implying that listening to gossips only slows progress.

For her, focusing on the task ahead and putting behind all the gossips about you will help one progress in life.

She uploaded a hot photo of herself showing only her back with the caption: “What people say about you when you are not watching/listening is none of your business..paying attention will only slow you down. keep looking foward. #mybackcase. Have a blessed week.”

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