HomeExplainerLil Devin autopsy report: What killed rapper Lil Devin?

Lil Devin autopsy report: What killed rapper Lil Devin?

Lil Devin killed
Lil Devin killed

Rapper Lil Devin was shot to demise on New Year Eve at his house in Anderson.

Though investigators have not released any information about the possible house invasion alert they initially received.

When they reached the scene, the artist was already wounded through gunshots.

Lil Devin autopsy report: What killed rapper Lil Devin?

While the cops attempted to save him by CPR and providing first aid, he could not survive the injuries after reaching the hospital.

Investigators are presently probing into the circumstances surrounding the demise of Swain.

In further addition to this, an autopsy will be performed by the Madison County Coroner’s Office to identify the cause of demise.

Devin Swain also known as Lil Devin was a prominent artist who was rising to fame slowly.

Many youngsters loved his music as the lyrics depicted what young adults go through in their lives.

He died at the age of 24. The world is grieving his demise at present.

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