Letitia Wright parents: Who are her father and mother?

Actress and singer Letitia Wright hails from Guyana and currently resides in the United Kingdom. She is most known for her roles as Shuri in the 2018 film Black Panther, Jules Skateboarder in the 2018 film The Commuter, Nish in the 2017 film Black Mirror, Chantelle in the 2011 film Top Boy, Jamie Harrison in the 2016 film Urban Hymn, and Renie in the 2018 film Humans.

Wright’s most notable roles have been in a variety of television programs, including Humans, Doctor Who, and Black Mirror, among others. In addition to that, she has been in a number of films that have received positive reviews, one of which is a film titled Urban Hymn.

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Letitia Wright parents: Who are her father and mother?

There is no information available about Wright’s parents. Although they were born in England, her parents are originally from a town named Georgetown in Guyana; however, their present whereabouts and other personal particulars are unknown.

We have no more information than the fact that she got her start in the performing business thanks to her parents’ support and encouragement. It is unknown whether or not Wright’s parents are still together or whether or not they are divorced.