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Leo Terrell sounds off on ‘sad’ request

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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell, ripped California Democrats on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday after a district outside San Francisco suggested to parents they should rent rooms in their houses to local teachers who can’t afford to live in the area. The former schoolteacher argued the quality of life in California keeps declining for working people under liberal policies.

LEO TERRELL: This is the heart and soul of Democratic policy: one size fits everything. I’m looking here now as a schoolteacher and a lawyer, every family, and every teacher have different family obligations and requirements. A mother with two kids. A mother with three kids. A mother and father trying to live off a teacher’s salary. They have made it impossible and with inflationary policies in California, you cannot become a teacher and enjoy a quality of life. The quality of life … in California, sucks. It’s horrible. And imagine you want to start your career as a teacher, but you got to live like a college roommate. It doesn’t make sense.


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