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 Lady gets three-bedroom apartment from dad as graduation present

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In a touching viral video Maame Sika, a recent graduate, received an extraordinary graduation gift from her father that got lots talking on social media.

Maame Sika’s father surprised her with the keys to a spacious 3-bedroom apartment to celebrate her academic achievement in Aeronautical Engineering. The presentation was a joyous occasion that showcased the depth of a father’s love and pride.

The apartment, located in a prestigious and serene, had everything that made a home. With a master bedroom and two guest rooms, the apartment offers ample space for living, dining, and a modern kitchen.

During a guided tour, Maame Sika revealed her aspirations to transform the apartment’s compound into a miniature house garden and playground. While considering future possibilities, she also mentioned her willingness to rent out the apartment temporarily.

Maame Sika expressed profound gratitude to her father for this exceptional gift, which recognizes her academic excellence and aligns with her dream of amassing properties.

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