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Kumawu by-election: Ernest Yaw Anim declared winner

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In a stunning display of electoral prowess, Ernest Yaw Annim, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate, has emerged triumphant in the just-ended highly contested Kumawu by-election.

With an overwhelming  70.91% of the valid votes cast, Annim’s victory marks a significant milestone for the NPP and sets the stage for potential shifts in the political arena.

Per our findings, the Electoral Commission (EC), the independent body that has been mandated in conducting these elections announced the results and declared Ernest Yaw Annim the clear winner on Tuesday night.

With an impressive tally of 15,264 votes(70.91%), the University of Cape Coast alumnus secured a resounding victory over the other three contenders.

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Kwasi Amankwaa, the candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), trailed behind with a respectable but distant 17.29 %, accumulating 3,723 votes.

However,  Kwaku Duah, symbolized by a bird, and Kwaku Duah, symbolized by a hoe,  were not close to the keen competition mounted by the NPP and NDC candidates.

Per the results Kwaku Duah (bird) managed to secure 2,478 votes, constituting 11.51%  of the valid votes cast.  While, Kwaku Duah (hoe) struggled to gain  62 votes, which translated to a meager 0.29 % of the total valid votes.




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